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Progressive Web Apps

Why Progressive Web Application

A progressive web app (PWA) is an application that delivers app-based interface to users. It uses latest web capacity to meet certain requirements and result in apps that can be accessed via URLs.

Progressive Web Apps are an emerging solution for businesses that takes advantage of the strengths of both regular websites and apps for mobile phones to create a better experience & value.

Features of PWA

  • Offline support
  • Fast loading
  • Enhanced security 
  • Push notifications  
  • Full-screen without the URLs

Benefits of PWA

1. PWAs are cheaper than other hybrid & native app

Progressive app meets the requirements of all endpoints on which it operates. So, it reduces the amount of efforts that developers provide, and as a result, the cost to create a PWA decreases.

2. App-Like Look and Feel

PWA provide an advanced user experience by combining the look and feel of mobile applications and the best of website performance. They have the design and settings that are very similar to those of native mobile software.

3. Fast Installation

Unlike regular mobile applications, PWAs do not require a long and complex installation process, which significantly improves user experience. Users just download an app, quickly and directly to their devices, and they do not need to go to the App Store or Google Play.

4. Better Performance

PWAs cache and serve text, images and other content in a specific, efficient manner, which enables them to operate like websites and significantly improves the running speed.

5. No Updating Issues

PWAs have a functionality that allows them to update automatically, without notifying users and bothering them with permission requests. These apps update themselves every time when users visit them, thus eliminating the need to download changes and install them.

6. Offline Operation

The capability to operate offline makes PWAs much more convenient than websites, which require a proper internet connection. Built-in service workers cache important progressive web apps’ features and information automatically, which remove the necessity to download it and allows users to access it without an internet connection.

7. No Need on App Distribution Services

Usually, app distribution services, such as the App Store, Google Play or Microsoft Store, set high requirements to software that is included in their databases. Meeting their requirements may become quite a time- and effort-consuming process. So, PWAs allow producers to avoid complex reconciliation procedures as they do not need to be stored in similar services.

8. Push Notification Functionality

Like native mobile applications, PWAs have access to device-specific functionality, such as push notifications. This capability can be performed in various ways and allows to make the best use of it.

If you want to develop PWA then contact us, we have a standard method to achieve your goal.